Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Indians & India on Deepawali night

This Deepawali I received  some mails which carried information, besides good wishes.  It informed that the festival was celebrated in white house as well. It probably signifies the growing importance of Indian community in US. America is a democratic country  and each votes matter there also. Easy for us as we see hypocrisy  of our leaders every day.

Source :  Unknown
But the mail which I liked most was the one which had satellite view of India on the Deepawali night this year.  It was thrilling to see the difference between  Deepawali and non Deepawali night view of the country.  The dazzling view expresses the festive joy of the country.

There is another view also that strikes to mind.  Certain portions  on eastern side – part of Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa  and on the western side  the desert of Thar  is still waiting for Ramchandraji to visit there.

Searching the web  an article on ibn site says, this picture is not related to deepawali, but has some other reference. Only God knows what is the truth !!!
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Mukesh Chauhan said...

This satellite Photo, I see every Diwali on Face book since last 3 years.