Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Almost two years ago in the year 2006 I was worried with the deteriorating health of my father Due to age and prolonged effect of diabetes he had developed some complications like lower vision and poor hearing. One of my colleagues suggested to see one homeopathic doctor.

About homoeopathic science I was fascinated only for its sweet small globules, but had very little faith in the medicinal value of this line of medicine. Homeopathy has to face more criticism than the follower. Reasons can be several including the understanding of ours that doctor means who has studied allopathic.

One evening I took my father to him. He talked very casually in English with typical Tamil ascent, after a few minutes when he was talking to my father and giving details without asking him I was amazed. Like fortune tellers he told that my father probably had under gone three surgical operations. His diabetes was 26 years old etc. These could be pure co-incidental guess , which were correct, or his real knowledge.

After that I took his advise on two to three occasions for my father. In the mean time gangrene developed in the foot of my father and we had very hectic round of consultations with surgeons, physicians and neuro- surgeons. Five months evaporated in no time. Physicians treating my father post operation of gangrene had never suspected any heart complications. Unfortunately on 4th June ’07 morning it was heart stroke which took away my beloved father. It was only a homeopath who had warned me to take care of heart complication of the dad.

Later, after about six months early this year –2008 grand father of Aakanksha-Nanaji started having some complication in the body. He came once to Ahmedabad I restarted searching for Dr Iyer but he was not in his clinic cum home. It was guarded by some security person who responded that he has no whereabouts of him. At least once in week I used to visit his house but the scene did not change, only the security guard kept on rotating.

One of the guards who saw me re-visiting the place so frequently gave me a telephone number saying that it was of the brother of Mr. Iyer. I called up that number and requested if I could be given contact number of Dr Iyer as I was in need to consult him urgently. But the reply was shocking. In the hoarse sound he replied, Ï have told you several times there is no Dr Iyer, now if you call me I would ask the guard to beat you up.”

I gave up my efforts. When the summer vacations were about to set I got one note in the courier informing that Dr Iyer would be back on 24th April after taking some training. But I did not need him any more or may some where at the back of my mind was the warning given by his brother.

But, I respect his expertise and would wish that many patients may get benefited by consulting him. Following are the contacts of him.

His address as per the mail I received in this April is : Aum – 12, Sudarshan Society – 1, Near Naranpura Post Office, Ahmedabad – 380 013, Gujarat, India. He can also be contacted on phone no. +91-079-27683360 or by mail to He may start on line consultation soon, the letter said.

I believe in the saying once told to me by our family physician Dr Ruparelia – “Medicine works only 10% rest 90% is your trust in the treatment which heals.”

If we can have trust in the doctor and the medicine body will get cured. If patient does not trust his doctor he will be sick.
Wish may you recover fast.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where are the commitments?

Olympic torch march was peaceful by all government norms. This was the most coward show by the government. The way government reacted under presure from China and more from the leftist friends was shameful and has raised question why are we wasting money of common people and kept thousands of Tibetians in this country?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Creator

In a TV show anchor and judge Shreya Ghosal was explaining to one participant where he ha made mistakes while singing the song. She pointed out that the word in the song had “matra” and sound of “na” was required. The boy tried to defend himself saying that he was from Maharashtra and in his mother tongue such words do not exist so he faulted. This boy’s approach was a normal human tendency.

Once upon a time in a far-away place lived a kindly old doll maker. He had spent his goodly long life creating dolls of all sorts, making all the little girls in the world happy.

He had kept up in the trends of the world and made dolls that say "mama", that cry, that stand up by themselves, and that even wink at you. But the doll maker was very wise. He knew that his time for special contribution was growing short. So, with special resolve in his heart, he made his most beautiful creation.

He gave her brown curls, which he personally felt had the most beauty in their long tresses. He gave her the bluest of blue eyes, into which he put the promises of eternity and into which one could gaze forever.

This special doll was given long legs with which she could dance, run and play, and occasionally even walk a second mile. He gave her beautiful hands to work and serve with and teach all the other dolls. Her fingers were long and slender. With these, the old man hoped she would comfort those around her.

She had a beautiful face and he planned this so that she could see the beauty in others. He dressed her in a gown as shimmery as gossamer, and on the last day when she was completed; he lifted her up with great care and set her gently in front of a large mirror.

"What do you think little doll?" he asked, "Are you not the most beautiful doll in the world?" The doll looked through her long lashes full of excited anticipation.

Suddenly her pretty face clouded up and then stormed over. "Oh the creator, I hate brown hair and I have always longed for green eyes. These are not the colors I'd have chosen for myself. And look how ugly and long my legs are! How large my feet are! How unfashionable they will seem to the world. My gown is really very ordinary. Alas! creator, I am not a beautiful doll at all!"

This is what most of us do. We do not see the opportunities around us. We never realize that we have been created with the most beautiful qualities and best things available under the circumstances. Instead standing in the front of the mirror we start counting on the lapses. We forget to thank our creator to provide best things they could sacrificing their share of happiness.

Be they be our parents, our teachers or the seniors at work place. If we try to find what they have given and how. Once we start getting answers to how, we feel indebted and eyes get wet. A picture of all goodness starts floating in front of our eyes. Unfortunately the wisdom dries along with the tears and human goes back to sing tune of complaints.

Last Thought :
Achievement is almost automatic when the goal becomes an inner commitment.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mahi Lacks Leadership

The announcement of ODI team for triangular series in Australia has made the selection criteria once again debatable. This has also raised an alarm on the leadership capability of Mahi, if the he is the person demanding to drop Ganguly and oppose recalling of Dravid, Laxman and Murali Kartik in ODI team.

All these four players are in good form and their presence would have put psychological pressure on the opponents. It is said that captain Dhoni demanded T-20 team players only. Both the games need different temperament and asking to drop a player who made highest runs - 1240 runs from 32 matches, in 2007 ,reflects lack of confidence in MSD.

As a leader of the team he should look beyond the personal bias and should have gone for the best 15 players. Sourav along with Sachin Tendulkar gave nine century opening wicket stands in the 23 matches they appeared together last year. That pair had an average of more than 51. If still the captain has broken opening pair then probably he is suffering from Silent Attitude of Hatred syndrome.

If this is true then he will not be able to take team very far and his own career will be in problem. Management slogan - Managers rely on control, leaders inspire trust. If just to keep a better control on the team Mahi has dumped seniors then history will dump him as a failed leader, who did not trust performers.

A leader should have four basic qualities of Vision, Confidence, Image, Role Modeling. First two of these decide the length of leadership life. Dhoni has a good image and may be a role model, but if India fails to perform in the coming triangular series then all the hype generated from T-20 victory will become part of history books.

Dhoni needs to cultivate vision and make two different sets of strategies short term and a long term. Right now he has displayed lack of short term strategy. He has not only made his own task difficult but has also spoiled opportunities for Kumble to square the test series. Senior trio – Ganguly, Dravid and Laxman will find it difficult to perform after this shock and the loser will be the country.

Cricket is not athletics where stamina and sprint performance alone is important. It needs other skills to make runs and take wickets. At the 30+ age these may be slower to a boy 10 years younger to them, but they have proved their worthiness. If three former captains show any indiscipline then that can be discussed with them and sorted out. A true leader wins over hearts and build the best team. M S Dhoni has to display his leadership qualities otherwise history is very shrewd

Profile of SOURAV

Full name Sourav Chandidas Ganguly
Born July 8, 1972, Calcutta (now Kolkata), Bengal
Current age 35 years 196 days

Major teams India, ACC Asian XI, Asia XI, Bengal, Glamorgan, Lancashire
Batting style Left-hand bat
Bowling style Right-arm medium

Height 5 ft 11 in
Education St Xavier's College
Relations Brother - Snehasish C Ganguly