Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Useful Hand Yoga

Some simple yogic practices can keep you away from many ailments for longer time. This is the secrete of the ancient saints of Himalaya.

These Mudras (Postures) are to be practiced for 3 to 5 minute daily. Can be done when ever you get an opportunity.

In the illustrations shown here both hands have been put closer to give an understanding of positions of the fingers and the thumb. But in practice both the hands should be resting on the thigh of respective side.

Akash Mudra : For ear problems. Child and Old persons suffer the pain occasionally. Regular practice of Akash Mudra offers relief.

Dhyan Mudra : It helps to improve Concentration power, This must be done to improve analytical skills. Good for the students and Managers.

It makes person free from depression and helps in all other mind related problems.

Hraday Mudra: Though named after heart, this posture helps in Respiration related diseases like Asthma.

Jal Mudra : This is for Blood purifier and essential elements of water which enlightens skin so can be useful in all skin diseases.

Ling Mudra: Headache of any type can be reduced by this pose, also useful to lower the body temperature during Fever etc.

Pachan Mudra: It is for Digestive system. Do only after taking food.

If you are suffering from indigestion and gastric trouble, practicing this pose can bring some solace.

Pran mudra: Pran is life. Practicing this improves overall life. Useful in Eye problems and Nervous problems. It also charge all parts of the body