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Invest cautiously :

Ahmedabad  24th March ,2016

Post budget share bazar so far has seen a rally of 2,800 points. Now the focus will be on yearly performance of the companies during FY 2015 -16. That is not likely to be very encouraging. So
OMC Safe Bet for next quarter
there is a possibility of fast correction in the market during April month. This requires cautious moves. Remain invested for short term in FMCG and OMCs.

Britannia and ITC  are good in FMCG. Chance can be taken in Dabur also. HPCL and BPCL remain safe bet at present.

Invest in Cipla get out of Torrent Pharma :

Ahmedabad  6th Oct,2013

Torrent Pharma has given excellent return of 28% so far this year. But market buzz says it is right time to exit in the range of  Rs 440 to Rs 450. If you still want to be in the same sector shift to Cipla which is being traded almost at the same price - Rs 438 4th Oct closing.

This advise is based on the inputs coming from Brazilian market  which is major earning point for Torrent Pharma.

Invest in Gold ETF Exit shares

Ahmedabad  6th June,2013

Poor show of economy and a government with no intention to govern will not give any boost to the share market.  Time till next general election requires skill to protect erosion of wealth. So this is the time to divert funds to Gold and realty.

ADAG group may have advantage in short term

Ahmedabad  28th  April,2012

May and June normally do not keep the retail investors happy as Cn getting recommendations.

Forecast of normal to good monsoon goes favourable to FMCG companies. There is buzz on FDI decision coming soon  that will favour Pantaloon and similar shares.

Relaxation of Coal consideration for UMPP is an indication of rise of younger Ambani moving close to power center with the rise of Mulayam Sinh Yadav post UP poll. Keep a watch on other group companies they may get some favours till the presidential election.

Time to Re-Enter Infra Shares

Ahmedabad  18th  March,2012

The FM has proposed to allow tax free bonds from Rs 30,000 cr to Rs 60,000 cr. Highly positive for the infra sector. Sunset clause of Section 80IA is extended for one more year.  Reduction in duty on imported coal will ease pressure on power sector.

The Infra and power shares have lost most in last year. The valuations are so low that  possibility of loss  at this stage seems to be remote  except that sentiments go all wrong.

Tata Power around 100 – 105  and Adani Power below 75 are most likely to rebound. NTPC does not become fancy due to label of PSU company, but fundamentally it should  also move upward. For long term NHPC at 21 makes an attractive investment.

The budget is Positive for L&T (1320), GMR (29.65), IFCI (42,10), and IDFC (144.85)

High Dividend Yielding Shares of 2011
Ahmedabad 31st January,2012

High dividend yield stocks offer a safe haven to investors where safety has greater priority compared to high returns.  Following is the list of  high dividend shares  according to the research of ICICI Direct.

Tata Steel, Adani Enterprise, Sterlite good to create wealth
Ahmedabad 13th September,2011

Building the asset was a key to success. Companies  like Adani Enterprise, Jindal, Sterlite and Tata Steel have invested in raw material assets to integrate their future business plan. Investments in mine has given these companies a stability for future.  When Sensex is moving down, its  right time to acquire these companies in your portfolio to create wealth.

Tata Steel has been very active building a mining company to help feed its steel business. In the last four years it has bought into projects in Canada (Taconite Magnetite Project) and Mozambique (Benga Colliery), where it now partners with Rio Tinto. Tata is also looking for more projects in Australia and North America.

Adani has invested over US$2 billion purchasing Linc Energy’s Bowen Basin tenements and also buying the Abbott Point Coal Terminal. Jindal operates the El Mutun iron ore mine in Bolivia and is also active in Madagascar.

Tata Blue Chip Companies look good for investment

Ahmedabad 22nd March,2011

Tata Consultancy Services lost nearly a percent today. TISCO failed to sustain the high levels.  But, the market closing with gain without breadth indicates a downslide possibility ahead in this week.  TISCO has gained about 6% from the lows of last week. But has upside potential of another 10% within a month. TCS, if corrects further to taste its support level. It becomes worth investing with a target of Rs 1,200 by the quarterly results.

Anybody keeping an eye on the quarterly results for investment and is not expecting beyond 10%,  can look for RIL once it corrects to the level of 960.

Sugar sector is to be watched sensing the signals given by the puppet master Sharad Pawar. Keep an eye on Bajaj Hindustan and Renuka Sugar.

Invest in Infra shares for 20% plus returnGMR Infra to sale stake in InterGen

Ahmedabad 21st Feb,2011
The valuation of Infra shares at the current price is very attractive and looks for assured return of more than 20% before next budget. The rationale is the fundamentals and project completion.
Lanco was the stock to fall a little sharply, It fell more than 50% from its recent peak of about Rs 70 in September-October. In february it just had a two-day strong rally.
GMR seems to be consolidating in a range little bit above its recent bottom. With completion of GMR energy's hydro projects the bottom line of the company would improve. Hydro projects are free of crude and coal price hike.
Invest and wait till the crisis of middle east and assembly election furor are over. There after market will revive.The leader of rally would be infra shares.
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GMR is entering into an interesting  investment level

Ahmedabad 15th Nov,2010

Watch on the share of GMR Infra which is available around INR 51 to 52 since China based Huaneng Group, the parent company of Huaneng Power International Inc, is in final talks with GMR Infrastructure to purchase a 50% stake in US-based power utility InterGen for US$1.5 billion, the Economic Times reported.

India-based Tata Power, another bidder for the target asset, has withdrawn from the race. In October 2008, Bangalore-based GMR Infrastructure acquired a 50% stake of InterGen for US$1.1 billion, and the remaining stake is owned by Ontario Teachers' Pension Fund.

InterGen, which has combined power output capacity exceeding 8 gigawatts, has power plants in the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, Mexico and the Philippines.
The Infra Structure Segment is showing a negative trends, yet for a very short period the share valuation is attractive for trading.

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Macquarie ups Aban Offshore to 'outperform'
Ahmedabad 9th Nov,2010
Macquarie has upgraded Aban Offshore to "outperform" from "neutral" with a target price of Rs 970, up 6 per cent from its previous target price. The share closed above INR 850 on NSE on 9th Nov. This leaves an earning potential of 15%.

The company posted a 5 per cent jump in its net profit to Rs 751.6 million for July-September quarter on Monday. The Brokerage said the results were in-line with expectations.

It expects rig rates to firm up, given the highest ever rig count in the Asia-Pacific region fuelling competition, and India currently deploying the highest number of rigs (excluding US/ Canada).

"Aban has been a laggard, having borne the impact of the loss of its semisubmarine as well as issues with investments/forex write-downs; and is beginning to emerge from the trough," the note said.

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