Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gujarat Lokayukta Justice Mehta

Newly appointed Lokayukta of Gujarat Justice R.A. Mehta was born on May 4, 1936. He started his career in the legal field by getting enrolled as an Advocate in 1962.

He practiced at Rajkot for one year, and then practiced in the High Court of Gujarat from 1963 onwards.

He worked as Additional Standing Counsel to the Central Government from 1974 to 1978, and again from October 1982.

He was appointed Additional Judge, Gujarat High Court in 1983 and confirmed as permanent Judge the next year. He remained as Acting Chief Justice from September 1995 to July 1996. He retired in 1998.

After his retirement Justice Mehta was occasionally seen with left-leaning NGOs mostly working on the subject of minority rights. He is believed to be a critic of the BJP. His political ideology is the main worry for the state government. 

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Indian Money in Swiss Accounts

Whole nation is happy with the resolution passed unanimous by the parliament on Saturday evening. Today, Anna Hazare broke his fast and indicated for some reforms on election. But he forgot to mention about the black money issue during this whole agitation. Recently wikileaks posted 22 names of Indians with amount in Swiss bank.

Late PM Rajiv Gandhi & Anna Hazare 
One Name is leaked with  Swiss A/c
Other is Silent on that Issue
These names include the biggies of Indian politics like Rajeev Gandhi, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Karunanidhi, Kalanidhi Maran and Paswan. In the accounts of of Rajeev Gandhi is a sum of Rs 1,98,000 Crore. Karuna Nidhi has 35,000 Cr whereas Laloo Prasad Yadav Sarath Pawar 29,800 Cr.and Rs 28,000 Cr respectively.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in an interview to Times Now had said in the month of April that the black money mainly comes from India. Assange had said the names of the Swiss bank account holders will be revealed. Assange in that interview pulled up the Indian government for not acting tough on tax evaders even when the out flow of black money was more than any other country.

Should I save my asset of
Rs 1,200 Cr or fight
against Black Money
After this revelation there were some discussion and yoga guru Baba Ramdev staged a huge dharna in Ramlila ground. After initial rounds of discussion the government cracked down on protestors with force on 5th June midnight and forcibly removed the yoga guru from Delhi to bring an end a high-profile hunger strike against black money. 

The black money issue has gone on back burner. Meanwhile, the central government has set up a multi-disciplinary committee with top officers to probe the issue of black money parked in foreign tax havens. But refused to make public names of the people who have stashed black money in foreign banks, saying it is not possible to disclose information received from foreign governments under Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.

The Supreme Court had questioned the government's approach to the whole issue of black money. The apex court had asked the government to have "full-fledged" involvement in the disclosure of source of money stashed in foreign banks which may be terror money or money coming from drug peddling.

But the question is that after reading this list is there any possibility that the government would act or would it not give safe passage to clear and shift this money to some other place. There have been media reports that more than 50% money has already been withdrawn.

List  of  22 Names in circulation courtesy Wikileaks.
Will the Government act on it?

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Governor Card Played by Congress in Gujarat to appoint Lokayukta

Congress has smartly played the governer card now in Gujarat. Its Governor has appointed Retd Justice RA Mehta as Lokayukta of the state on Thursday night when BJP has announced full support to the the Anna Hazare’s agitation. She bypassed the state government in this whole process.
Dr Kamla Governor

After consulting legal experts under the pressure of opposition party Congress, the Governor Dr Kamla Beniwal invoked Rule 3 of the Lokayukta Act 1986 of Gujarat, without waiting for a recommendation from the state government. As per Rule 3, the name of Lokayukta has to be recommended by the Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court. The post was vacant since 2004. 
BJP’s own MLA from Mahuva Dr Kanubhai Kalasaria has been agitating against Nirma and Adani group companies, considered favourite of Modi government. He was to go on fast for the appointment of Lokayukta in the state.

This move of Governor has prompted the state government to seek legal redress in the matter. It has approached the high court, challenging Justice RA Mehta’s appointment as Lokayukta for which the Raj Bhawan issued notification on 25th evening. 

The court has refused to grant stay and asked the state government to verify whether the governor could be impleaded (sued) and posted it for further hearing on August 30. In media the governor’s action was defended and hailed by leader of opposition in assembly, Shaktisinh Gohil. 

He told media, “The name of Justice Mehta was suggested by Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court S.J. Mukhopadhaya to the state government, but it had not made the appointment till now,” and added, “The Gujarat government has no role to play in the appointment of Lokayukta.” 

Gohil said, stressing that in accordance with the Gujarat State Lokayukta Act, 1986, the state government had no role to play in the selection and appointment. "Governor has told us that non-appointment of Lokayukta for the last seven years, was a matter of grave concern as there was no authority to look into affairs of the government," he said. 

Though a pure political move, Modi is on weaker turf as he has been avoiding this matter for long. Last week a petition seeking the appointment of the Lokayukta in the state was filed in the Gujarat high court by Bhikhabhai Jethva, father of the late RTI activist Amit Jethva, who was murdered last year. As a damage control exercise the Modi government on the same day appointed a judicial commission to inquire into allegations of corruption and favours done by some departments to top industrial houses. 

Reacting to the governor’s move, Gujarat government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas said the move “was not in the spirit of the Constitution. The entire government has been bypassed in the matter”. 

Rebel BJP MLA Dr Kalasaria
The state government was thinking of introducing an ordinance, seeking amendment in the act. The Gujarat cabinet has also set up a five-member cabinet committee to study the lokpal legislation after it is passed by Parliament and amend the state lokayukta act in accordance with it. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why is Jan Lokpal better than CBI?

 One of the main arguments of Civil society to implement Jan Lokpal is  that the CBI under government is a toothless tiger.  Indian Booker prize-winning author Arundhati Roy and social activist  Aruna Roy may not agree with Arvind Kejriwal on this, but government’s own data  supports the need of independent monitoring body like Jan Lokpal. 

In as many as 279 cases CBI is waiting for the sanction to prosecute senior government officials in corruption cases. These requests are pending with different Central and state government departments, in some cases for years.

As mentioned and repeatedly explained by Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi, under the existing laws, the CBI is required to obtain sanction from a Central or state government department to prosecute a senior official.

If the top bosses want to save any corrupt official, they simply have to sit on the file and take no decision, the way  Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit  kept on hold the Parliament attack convict Afjal Guru’s file  despite the final verdict of Supreme Court.

The highest number of cases which CBI wants to prosecute are 33 against  officials in Assam ruled by Congress, while BJP coalition ruled Jharkhand  government is holding  request against 13 officials to be prosecuted.
Arjun Munda BJP has to come clean

The Chief Minister of Jharkhand  Arjun Munda claims that his government is taking all the necessary steps to make the bureaucracy accountable to the people and cleanse the system of "babudom and nepotism", the government will bring bills on Right to Services Act and Information Technology Act in the monsoon session  of the assembly which is scheduled to meet from August 26.  If he is so committed, why is he shying away to grant permission to CBI?

The urban development ministry is sitting on applications to prosecute 14 CPWD officials, while 17 requests relating to officials of different coalfields are also pending. The CBI sought sanction to prosecute six customs officials based in Visakhapatnam on a single day — March 8, 2011. The railway ministry is also yet to sanction action against five senior officials — pending since March 31.

In short,  each and every department and political party is alike on this matter. Next, question arises that, is CBI efficient to deal if the permission is granted?  This is also doubtful. In January this year a Delhi court  granted bail to former Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) official Sanjay Mahendroo, who was arrested for his alleged involvement in the Queen's Baton Relay scam in London in 2009. The reason was that CBI had failed to file a charge sheet against him within the stipulated 60 days of his arrest.
Delhi CM  CWG & Afjal?

Other examples of CBI’s efficiency can be counted on  fodder scam of Bihar, Bofors case which took the sacrifice of Rajiv Gandhi government.  Most of the people have lost hopes from the existing system. That is the reason why  Major General (retd) S.C.N. Jatar, resigned from the  Aruna Roy’s outfit National Campaign for Peoples’ Right to Information (NCPRI) after she criticised Anna Hazare’s movement. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pick Pocketers also active at Ramlila ground

Kiran Bedi
The pocket of former IPS officer and Civil Society activist Kiran Bedi was snatched  on Saturday at Ramlila ground.  A reporter from a  media Channel had complaint of losing the purse on Friday. Many Anna's supporters on camera reported about the loss of mobile phone, a clear evidence that the pick pocketers are equally active at the Ramlila ground and might be praying for even larger crowd to reach there.

Many supporters are  complaining  of pick-pocketers and molesters in the crowd, but Delhi  police finds it self  little unprepared to handle the situation. One reason is the large crowd  and the instructions from top to not to be harsh at this stage. The crime rate of Delhi, otherwise also indicates that the police here is trained to salute ministers and politicians and not to control criminals and curb the crime.

On Friday, while on the way from Tihar Jail to Ramlila ground Anna's chappals were also stolen from the Rajghat. These instances, though small are clearly indicating that criminals have no fear of law in the Capital City.

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Difference between Lokpal and Janlokpal Bills.

With so much debate going around on the Lokpal bills of government and civil society  which is being pushed by Anna Hazare and his team. Following are the points of difference between the two.

Existing System  of goverment is in black fonts and that of the civil society Jan Lokpal in Purple color

No politician or senior officer ever goes to jail despite huge evidence because Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) and CBI directly come under the government. Before starting investigation or initiating prosecution in any case, they have to take permission from the same bosses, against whom the case has to be investigated.

Lokpal at centre and Lokayukta at state level will be independent bodies. ACB and CBI will be merged into these bodies. They will have power to initiate investigations and prosecution against any officer or politician without needing anyone permission. Investigation should be completed within 1 year and trial to get over in next 1 year. Within two years, the corrupt should go to jail.

No corrupt officer is dismissed from the job because Central Vigilance Commission, which is supposed to dismiss corrupt officers, is only an advisory body. Whenever it advises government to dismiss any senior corrupt officer, its advice is never implemented.

Lokpal and Lokayukta will have complete powers to order dismissal of a corrupt officer. CVC and all departmental vigilance will be merged into Lokpal and state vigilance will be merged into Lokayukta.

No action is taken against corrupt judges because permission is required from the Chief Justice of India to even register an FIR against corrupt judges.

Lokpal & Lokayukta shall have powers to investigate and prosecute any judge without needing anyone permission.
Anna Hazare has raised high Hopes

Nowhere to go - People expose corruption but no action is taken on their complaints.

Lokpal & Lokayukta will have to enquire into and hear every complaint.

There is so much corruption within CBI and vigilance departments. Their functioning is so secret that it encourages corruption within these agencies.

All investigations in Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be transparent. After completion of investigation, all case records shall be open to public. Complaint against any staff of Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be enquired and punishment announced within two months.

Weak and corrupt people are appointed as heads of anti-corruption agencies.

Politicians will have absolutely no say in selections of Chairperson and members of Lokpal & Lokayukta. Selections will take place through a transparent and public participatory process.

Citizens face harassment in government offices. Sometimes they are forced to pay bribes. One can only complaint to senior officers. No action is taken on complaints because senior officers also get their cut.

Lokpal & Lokayukta will get public grievances resolved in time bound manner, impose a penalty of Rs 250 per day of delay to be deducted from the salary of guilty officer and award that amount as compensation to the aggrieved citizen. Nothing in law to recover ill gotten wealth. A corrupt person can come out of jail and enjoy that money.

Loss caused to the government due to corruption will be recovered from all accused.

Small punishment for corruption- Punishment for corruption is minimum 6 months and maximum 7 years.

Enhanced punishment - The punishment would be minimum 5 years and maximum of life imprisonment.

These difference look attractive to a common man but are difficult to execute. The first hurdle is the parliament. No bill can become law unless approved by the parliament. Majority of politicians are opposed to tightening their own rights.

Further, excecution would  involve wider section of police and judiciary where the amount of corruption is no lesser than politics.

Before the Lokpal revival of judiciary is required so that judgements are delivered in time. If that happens most of the problem would get solved.

SMS & Mail flooded against UPA

The Jan Lokpal Bill and agitation of Anna Hazare has evoked tremendous support of the public. Many have joined in rallies and demonstration at Ramlila Ground and other parts of the country, but many more are enjoying the phase by passing funny SMSs and Mails  making  mockry of UPA goverment and PM Manmohansingh .

These messages are expressing the anger of public towards the mis-management of government in dealing with Anna Hazare, Civil Society and Ramdev.

A few examples are presented here:

Sir Winston Churchill wrote 64 years ago about India :

"Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low caliber & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues & silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power & India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air & water would be taxed in India."

We are indeed an incredible NATION; we have worked very hard and we have indeed proved him right.....

India against Corruption!

Releasing Shortly Multi Billion $ Small Budget Film

Producer : A Raja , D Maran , Kanimohzi & Kalmadi
Director : Sonia & Sharad Pawar
Hero : Manmohan Singh.
Villian : Baba Ramdev & Anna Hazare
Supporting cast : Ashok Chavan, Chidambaram, Sibbal, Shiela Dixit
Comedy :  Digvijay, Manish Tiwary

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Effect of Fenugreek Seeds on Diabetic Patients is Positive

Effect of fenugreek seeds on blood glucose and lipid profiles in type 2 diabetic patients.

Recently use of herbal medicines, have been considered as an alternative for therapeutic usage. So, this study was undertaken to evaluate the hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of fenugreek seeds in type 2 diabetic patients.


In a clinical trial study, 24 type 2 diabetic patients were placed on 10 grams/day powdered fenugreek seeds mixed with yoghurt or soaked in hot water for 8 weeks. Weight, FBS, HbA(1)C, total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and food record were measured before and after the study. The differences observed in food records, BMI and serum variables were analyzed using paired-t-test and t-student and P


After exclusion of 6 cases for changing in medication or personal problems, the results of 18 patients (11 consumed fenugreek in hot water and 7 in yoghurt) were studied. Findings showed that FBS, TG and VLDL-C decreased significantly (25 %, 30 % and 30.6 % respectively) after taking fenugreek seed soaked in hot water whereas there were no significantly changes in lab parameters in cases consumed it mixed with yoghurt. BMI, Energy, Carbohydrate, Protein and fat intake remained unchanged during study.


This study shows that fenugreek seeds can be used as an adjuvant in the control of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the form of soaked in hot water.

Source :
PMID: 19839001 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Publication Types, MeSH Terms, Substances Publication Types Clinical Trial

Infectious Diseases Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran. Abstract

House of Home Minister Chidambaram Burgled.

Home Minister Chidambaram
When Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram was busy making plans to arrest 73 year old civil activist Anna Hazare and his supporters, his ancestral home near Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu was burgled.

The house where the burglary happened is the ancestral property of Chidambaram and his relatives. It is in Kandanur near Karaikudi, which is around 430 km from Chennai and is used by the family members to conduct weddings and other major functions.

According to Police the burglary came to light on Monday when the caretaker went to the house and found some rooms and cupboards on the first and ground floors were broken into. The burglars seemed to have gained entry by removing the roof tiles.

Police said finger print and dog squads were sent to the spot to gather clues. The loss estimate is not known as the owners or their representatives are yet to arrive. Police said Chidambaram or his family do not reside there but he does have a share in the property.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ban or No Ban Issue in "Aarakshan" is a reality

Prakash Jha, Director
Politics in India is to lure a section of society and not the nation. In this democracy to raise ones point is difficult if it does not please the people in power. Result is a political ban to the films which have been approved for its content by the censor board. Latest of the them was Aarakshan.

The film directed by Prakash Jha has a theme on caste based reservation which is haunting the society. Twenty five years ago then Prime Minister V.P. Singh opened the pandora box of Mandal Commission to consolidate his position which he had got by defaming Rajiv Gandhi who had supported and carved his political career. To nurture his ambitions he divided the society into two parts for ever and put the talent factor behind. He failed to win over the subsequent elections by this tactics, but his successors also could not dare to repeal the reservation quota.

The film "Aarakshan" has story plot based on reservation so was banned by three state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. All these are ruled by different political parties, which shows that the issue is a matter of convenience.

How true the depth of objections is, can be understood by the remarks of the committee which banned the release of film in Punjab. “Since the overall message of the movie is positive, the committee feels that the movie may be released in the State of Punjab after making the amendments as suggested above,” the committee added.

Andhra Pradesh is the state where Congress is standing on the week ground and can not afford to give any opportunities to Jagmohan Reddy. For Mayavati, Dalit sensationalism is most important factor. However, she is forgetting the fact that in her last victory it was the distracted votes of non dalits which had got diverted from Congress and BJP, that helped her win the crown. But image manoeuvring is unavoidable in politics and she is a Dalit PM in waiting.

The heat of the damage done by the caste based reservation is not felt by the society so severely as the unreserved population tried to consol it self with the private sector which saw a trajectory growth path due to the bold steps taken by P.V. Narsimha Rao and Atal Bihari Vajpai to open the economy and delicence.

The economy globally is under recession and is being handled very badly by UPA government in its current tenure. The result would be a large number of working population start looking towards the government and PSU jobs very soon. That would be the time when again the issue raised by Prakash Jha would be seen on street again as was in 1987-88.

One may force the director to delete the scene of Reservation written with blood from the film, but it is a future of the Indian society, if not handled carefully.

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Will Anna Hold "Anshan" at this Jantar Mantar?

Anna Hazare and team first wanted to do fasting agitation at the Jantra Mantra, often called the Jantar Mantar, which is located in the heart of Capital city New Delhi. The objective was probably that when the parliament session is on, it is advantageous to be close to the parliament.

Jantra Mantar was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur- a mathematician and astronomer king. The work was started in the year 1724 with the task of revising the calendar and astronomical tables. The beautiful astronomical architecture consists of 13 astronomy instruments.

Jantar Mantar in 2011
Unfortunately, in that century Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah and his successors and the rest of India was facing the heat of British aggression. These building also met with dust of time. If the photograph of 1857 is seen non of these protestors would come to Jantar Mantar and hold rallies.

Today, this renovated place is favourite site for tourists as well as political demonstrators. But will they prefer if its picture of condition of site in 1857 is shown to them?

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