Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pick Pocketers also active at Ramlila ground

Kiran Bedi
The pocket of former IPS officer and Civil Society activist Kiran Bedi was snatched  on Saturday at Ramlila ground.  A reporter from a  media Channel had complaint of losing the purse on Friday. Many Anna's supporters on camera reported about the loss of mobile phone, a clear evidence that the pick pocketers are equally active at the Ramlila ground and might be praying for even larger crowd to reach there.

Many supporters are  complaining  of pick-pocketers and molesters in the crowd, but Delhi  police finds it self  little unprepared to handle the situation. One reason is the large crowd  and the instructions from top to not to be harsh at this stage. The crime rate of Delhi, otherwise also indicates that the police here is trained to salute ministers and politicians and not to control criminals and curb the crime.

On Friday, while on the way from Tihar Jail to Ramlila ground Anna's chappals were also stolen from the Rajghat. These instances, though small are clearly indicating that criminals have no fear of law in the Capital City.

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