Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ban or No Ban Issue in "Aarakshan" is a reality

Prakash Jha, Director
Politics in India is to lure a section of society and not the nation. In this democracy to raise ones point is difficult if it does not please the people in power. Result is a political ban to the films which have been approved for its content by the censor board. Latest of the them was Aarakshan.

The film directed by Prakash Jha has a theme on caste based reservation which is haunting the society. Twenty five years ago then Prime Minister V.P. Singh opened the pandora box of Mandal Commission to consolidate his position which he had got by defaming Rajiv Gandhi who had supported and carved his political career. To nurture his ambitions he divided the society into two parts for ever and put the talent factor behind. He failed to win over the subsequent elections by this tactics, but his successors also could not dare to repeal the reservation quota.

The film "Aarakshan" has story plot based on reservation so was banned by three state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. All these are ruled by different political parties, which shows that the issue is a matter of convenience.

How true the depth of objections is, can be understood by the remarks of the committee which banned the release of film in Punjab. “Since the overall message of the movie is positive, the committee feels that the movie may be released in the State of Punjab after making the amendments as suggested above,” the committee added.

Andhra Pradesh is the state where Congress is standing on the week ground and can not afford to give any opportunities to Jagmohan Reddy. For Mayavati, Dalit sensationalism is most important factor. However, she is forgetting the fact that in her last victory it was the distracted votes of non dalits which had got diverted from Congress and BJP, that helped her win the crown. But image manoeuvring is unavoidable in politics and she is a Dalit PM in waiting.

The heat of the damage done by the caste based reservation is not felt by the society so severely as the unreserved population tried to consol it self with the private sector which saw a trajectory growth path due to the bold steps taken by P.V. Narsimha Rao and Atal Bihari Vajpai to open the economy and delicence.

The economy globally is under recession and is being handled very badly by UPA government in its current tenure. The result would be a large number of working population start looking towards the government and PSU jobs very soon. That would be the time when again the issue raised by Prakash Jha would be seen on street again as was in 1987-88.

One may force the director to delete the scene of Reservation written with blood from the film, but it is a future of the Indian society, if not handled carefully.

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