Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Akshay Kumar wants to be brand ambassador of Gujarat

I want to follow Amitabh
At the time when lots of events are happening negative for Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, he has got a new fan in the form of bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. He expressed the desire to become a brand ambassador of the state at an inauguration function of the seven-day long sports event 'Khel Mahakumbh' in Vadodara.

He showered praise on Modi for including 60,000 differently-abled persons in the event being organised by the Gujarat government at M S University Pavilion ground. This is the second edition of the state level mega sports event which started last year. Mega status of participation mesmerised the action hero said, “"Never have I heard of such an initiative. I would love to be Gujarat's brand Ambassador if it was offered to me,"

He also suggested to introduce martial art training at school level. To this Narendra Modi responded positively saying, "Akshay Kumar has met me on several occasions in the past pleading for such training in Gujarat. Though I am aware of achievements of the actor, I will definitely look into his demand."
Create Sports Participants

Veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of Gujarat to promote tourism. He received lots of criticism from a section of media who is opposed to Modi on political ideology. Despite this opposition Amitabh did lots of ad campaign for Gujarat tourism last year.

In the current edition of 'Khel Mahakumbh' a record number of about 2.2 million players from across the state have got themselves registered for taking part in different categories of sports. Here participation is given more weight than winning the event. Abiding by this spirit last year 1.5 million players had taken part.

According to the organisers state government wants the youth to play and participate rather just watching games on TV. These events will bring in change and help in promoting sports in the new generation. Over 1,200 artists performed at the inauguration for a grand opening to the mega event on Monday evening .

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Second Non Tata Chairman of Tata Group appointed

Cyrus Mistry, MD of Shapoorji Pallonji Group, will take over reins of $80 billion conglomerate Tata Group, from Ratan Tata in 2012. The board of directors of Tata Sons at its meeting on Nov 23, 2011 appointed him as the deputy chairman and sixth chairman in waiting.
Did Ratan Searched him
or Compromised?

With this the debate and speculations about the successor of Ratan Tata comes to an end. A committee of Five wise men was formed last year to suggest the man to lead the group. This was labelled as India's biggest CEO search ever.

Many names including Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo and Nandan Nilekani were floated, but Ratan Tata’s half brother Noel Tata was considered as most probable. One of the biggest argument was that in the history of Tata group the only non-Tata person to be chairman of the group was Nowroji Saklatvala, who served from 1932 to 1938. He was son of the sister of founder of the group - Jamshedji N. Tata.

Noel and Cyruss are brother in laws. Cyruss’s sister Aloo Mistry is married to Noel Tata.

Shapoorji Pallonji Group holds 18 per cent stake in Tata Sons, yet Cyruss was not considered a serious candidate in the background of Ratan Tata’s statement given to a business newspaper way back in 2005. Though later, in August 2006 Cyruss was appointed a director, the youngest on the board of Tata Group at the age of 38.

In response to a question who would take position of the construction magnet Pallonji Mistry's on the board. Ratan Tata had reacted sharply, "Mr Mistry has no right of nomination. If there were a member of the Mistry family that comes on the board, it would be to represent the shareholding - if we chose to make that happen. Mr Mistry himself came on the board, we recognised him as the largest shareholder (of Tata Sons)”.

Born on July 4, 1968, Cyruss Mistry graduated from the Imperial College, London with a BE in civil engineering. He also holds a masters degree in management from the London Business School, and is a fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The task ahead for Cyruss would be very tough as expectations of the shareholders are high and during Ratan Tata’s twenty years the group has grown rapidly. It has grown more than 40 times since 1991. When Ratan Tata took over from JRD as the fifth Chairman of the group, the revenues were Rs 8,553 crore.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

"Gujarat Police Encounter was Fake", SIT told High Court

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Monday confirmed the findings of a judicial probe into the infamous Ishrat Jahan encounter case and called it fake. This is viewed as a jolt to the BJP government in Gujarat.

Human rights groups have repeatedly expressed concerns about these alleged "fake encounters"  and were continuously raising voice against the probe. After lots of criticism the way police handled the case Supreme Court appointed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate into the case. Former director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) R K Raghavan was appointed its head. The members of SIT kept on changing for various reasons.

Ishrat's mother Shamima Kausar and Gopinath Pillai, father of Pranesh, had filed  a petition in Gujarat highcourt raising questions about the police version of the incident. The high court on 7th Oct  had asked the SIT to submit its report in Nov.
The three member SIT which submitted its report to the high court is  headed by Bihar cadre IPS Rajiv Ranjan Verma. The probe in the case was supervised directly by the high court.

According to SIT,Ishrat and Javed were killed along with two Pakistani nationals -- Amjad Ali and Jishan Johar Abdul Ghani -- both alleged LeT terrorists, on June 15, 2004. Whereas, the police version said, they were intercepted on the outskirts of Ahmedabad when they were about to enter the city in a blue Indica on a mission to eliminate chief minister Narendra Modi.

The SIT has also informed the court that Ishrat and three others were killed before the date of encounter on June 15, 2004. The SIT had informed the court in October that it wanted to conduct psycho-analysis test by the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) on some of the witnesses, who have turned hostile.  

Based on the SIT report the court has asked police to file a new FIR against the police officers involved. The NGOs and some of the politicians pitted against Narendra Modi have hailed the report and concluded it as a victory against the state government.

However, this is only the beginning of new chapter in the case. There are still many questions which remain unanswered. This includes central investigation agency’s own information claiming Ishrat Jahan to be a fidayeen of LeT. Pakistani American terrorist David Headley during interrogation by NIO last year, had said that Ishrat Jahan, the Mumbai girl who was killed along with three alleged terrorists in 2004 in a police encounter, was indeed a Lashkar-e-Taiba fidayeen.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Immigration Policy and Brain Drain benefited China and India

“Human resource is the main asset which builds the nations.” This basic law of economics is being unlearn  by the policy makers of US and UK  and their national economy is paying the price. Late Apple founder of Apple Steve Jobs believed so.

Steve Jobs
Early  this year during a dinner meeting with President Obama along with some other CEOs of leading IT firms Jobs expressed his views  and  told the President, “'You're headed for a one-term presidency.” Jobs was Obama supporter, but as a professional he was not happy with the policies adopted by the US government about immigration and work permits. Apple's founder said regulations had created too many burdens on the economy.
US economy is service based  so it needs more of the trained talents and not the protectionist policies. Jobs stressed the need for more trained engineers and suggested that any foreign students who earned an engineering degree in the U.S. should be given a visa to stay in the country.
By not allowing the foreigner engineers educated at top U.S. universities to work in US, the government is forcing the companies to outsource their work. Apple  employs 7,00,000 workers in China  and  fails to get 30,000 trained engineers in US because the policy  sends them home immediately after completion of education. Along with them goes the job.
The U.S. issues 140,000 green cards a year, which is not enough to meet demand of service industry. There is one  more tag to work-permit law which says that the residents of no country can get more than 7% of the permits. This restricts the numbers of  Chinese and Indian engineers who are better in learning and more in numbers at universities.
The result of current US immigration policy is making China and India economically stronger. This also gives  a message to Indian policy makers who are not liberal in granting Visa to Chinese skilled labourers  who work far more efficiently that their Indian counterparts. By allowing them to work in India we can improve the working standards and efficiency levels.
But the answer to this suggestion by Indian Policy makers will not be different than what Barak . Obama responded to Steve Jobs, “This would have to await broader immigration reform, which I can’t accomplish in current scenario.” Politicians are same everywhere.

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