Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Creator

In a TV show anchor and judge Shreya Ghosal was explaining to one participant where he ha made mistakes while singing the song. She pointed out that the word in the song had “matra” and sound of “na” was required. The boy tried to defend himself saying that he was from Maharashtra and in his mother tongue such words do not exist so he faulted. This boy’s approach was a normal human tendency.

Once upon a time in a far-away place lived a kindly old doll maker. He had spent his goodly long life creating dolls of all sorts, making all the little girls in the world happy.

He had kept up in the trends of the world and made dolls that say "mama", that cry, that stand up by themselves, and that even wink at you. But the doll maker was very wise. He knew that his time for special contribution was growing short. So, with special resolve in his heart, he made his most beautiful creation.

He gave her brown curls, which he personally felt had the most beauty in their long tresses. He gave her the bluest of blue eyes, into which he put the promises of eternity and into which one could gaze forever.

This special doll was given long legs with which she could dance, run and play, and occasionally even walk a second mile. He gave her beautiful hands to work and serve with and teach all the other dolls. Her fingers were long and slender. With these, the old man hoped she would comfort those around her.

She had a beautiful face and he planned this so that she could see the beauty in others. He dressed her in a gown as shimmery as gossamer, and on the last day when she was completed; he lifted her up with great care and set her gently in front of a large mirror.

"What do you think little doll?" he asked, "Are you not the most beautiful doll in the world?" The doll looked through her long lashes full of excited anticipation.

Suddenly her pretty face clouded up and then stormed over. "Oh the creator, I hate brown hair and I have always longed for green eyes. These are not the colors I'd have chosen for myself. And look how ugly and long my legs are! How large my feet are! How unfashionable they will seem to the world. My gown is really very ordinary. Alas! creator, I am not a beautiful doll at all!"

This is what most of us do. We do not see the opportunities around us. We never realize that we have been created with the most beautiful qualities and best things available under the circumstances. Instead standing in the front of the mirror we start counting on the lapses. We forget to thank our creator to provide best things they could sacrificing their share of happiness.

Be they be our parents, our teachers or the seniors at work place. If we try to find what they have given and how. Once we start getting answers to how, we feel indebted and eyes get wet. A picture of all goodness starts floating in front of our eyes. Unfortunately the wisdom dries along with the tears and human goes back to sing tune of complaints.

Last Thought :
Achievement is almost automatic when the goal becomes an inner commitment.