Monday, December 28, 2009

Designer Enclosure for the Snakes at Kankaria zoo

Designer can turn around the face of even a dull looking zoo. An attempt in this direction is made by the graduates of the National Institute of Designs.
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The snakes of Kankaria Zoo in Ahmedabad have received the services National Institute of Design (NID) for their home. The new design look to information panel has given a meaningful outlook to the snake section housing different species of the snakes.

The designer home project for the wild life of zoo was taken by NID graduate Thakkar duo Naman and Preet. The seventeen enclosures renovated by them are now put open for the public during Kankaria carnival.

The innovative information panels design has basic information about snakes like, their food habits, habitats, and scientific taxonomy. The panels also clear the myths associated with the snakes by providing information on snakes about their move, sensing and food habits.

The team did research internationally by visiting Melbourne Zoo, Australia and the famous London Zoo. Finally they decided to break free from the standard rectangular panel format and applying modular approach for the information. This was added with the application of the principles of graphic and information design.

Next was the consideration of the vistors’ spectrum which includes people with different linguistic back ground. So the panels were designed in three languages – English, Hindi and Gujarati. The challenge was to keep the information relevant and easy to understand keeping in mind the profile of people coming to such places,

Use of text and visuals in correct blend has made the displays interesting which was stereotype and boring. Number of visitors per day is very high these days because of the carnival. Except the very young children people were avoiding to go to the zoo. But designer enclosures draw crowd now.

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