Monday, February 22, 2010

Please Stop Selling Medicines by Force

If you are feeling slight headache and are looking to buy one Saridon or Megadol tablet to get temporary relief, before going to the family doctor, then you can not do so until you agree to buy additional nine tablets.
Chemists in certain areas of the city like Ghatlodia and Thaltej compel the patients to buy full strip of the medicines, what ever be the prescribed dose by the doctor. Most of the patients are unable to protest to this forced sale.

Since the consumer law on the matter is silent and no one wants to go for the harassment of attending hearings, so the matter does not get high lighted. Medicine is not something which one should be advised to take in excess or be taken without the advice of the doctors.

Therefore, chemists should logically be directed to sale the quantity which is prescribed and required by the patient. Syrup and injections, which are in liquid form and can not be distributed further, are exceptions. In such a case smaller versions of these should be promoted more.

As far as capsules and tablets are concerned they can be easily cut into parts of the strip and given. Not only small chemists but the organised chains like Planet Health also follow such tactics. I myself have tried this on February 20 at the outlet opposite to SAL Hospital, where the sales assistant would refuse to cut the strip and give the exact prescribed quantity.

In the recent past the service side of the medical profession has diminished. With corporates coming up ordinary man is losing its basic right to get treated. Doctor’s nexus with the pathology labs and the drug manufacturers is easily visible. But there does not seem to be any checks.

When the entire system is corrupt the premium paid to get medical cover in true sense is extra payment made in advance to fill pockets of doctors and the insurance companies. The rates of treatment are different with and without the insurance cover.

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