Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gujarat to have more Courts for Speedy Justice

The Gujarat state is posed to take a lead in speedy justice for all. The state government has announced to double the number of family courts and enact some new laws to bring transparency in the working of public trusts.

Gujarat High Court Ahmedabad

Speaking during the discussion on budgetary allocations for law and justice department, minister of state for law and justice, Pradipsinh Jadeja, said, “14 family courts are already operational in the state and the GoG wants to put up 15 more.” . He also announced plans to start 700 fast track courts for five years for speedy disposal of cases of similar nature.

Jadeja informed the assembly that besides the special courts for family disputes, the state government will also establish seven new courts for cases filed with Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), six courts for cases under Atrocities Act, 25 new courts for cases regarding disputes related to recovery, electricity and other such relief and 12 new courts for Negotiable Instruments Act cases.

Speed and quality in judiciary is the focus of the government. The Gujarat government is planning to take concrete steps to improve the quality of legal training to law practitioners. The law minister also announced that the state plans to enact a new law, viz, The Gujarat Public Trust Act, to make public trusts' administration more transparent and accountable. Public trusts at present are governed by the Mumbai Public Trust Notification of 1950.

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