Monday, April 4, 2011

Did Gujarat Govt Pressurized SEWA?

The new Wikileak cable alleges Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi about pursuing a divide and rule agenda even in 2005 and holding the funds of an NGO to pressurize.

The cable sent by the United States Consul General in Mumbai, Michael Owen, in 2005, quoted Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) general secretary Reemaben Nanawati telling him that the organisation was facing the wrath of the State government for resisting pressure.

The NGO executive further added that the State government was trying to project an air of normality after the 2002 communal riots, but politically it was still on the path of dividing Society on religious line . She also claimed that as a result of resisting fiercely to keep the communal harmony intact in the organisation, the NGO had to face the wrath of the Gujarat Government and over 12,000 of their volunteers who were extremely poor did not receive funds for over 6 months that year.

This is the third cable leaked involving Modi government in last fifteen days. In another cable leaked two weeks ago this Consulate General who praised Modi for being 'incorruptible, which was given high coverage by the local media.

Head Quarter of SEWA is in Ahmedabad and its major activities are spread in the rural areas of North and Central Gujarat.  The organization is working for the up liftment of the women of weaker section of the society.

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