Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reserve Power for us and you fight on streets

In desperation  to win UP  elections Congress and Samajwadi Party are  pushing the country to yet another anti reservation stir.  This topic has wasted more number of  productive man days in the country than any other reason in last thirty years. Still politicians love to divide the society to meet their selfish interests. 
Agigating Students in 2006 

Just before the announcement of the assembly election in five states the UPA government decided to provide a sub quota of 4.5% for backward Muslims within the 27% OBC reservation in jobs and central educational institutions.  Allies and Opposition both critised this for different reasons.  SP criticised it to woo muslims of UP saying, “Its insufficient”,  and its prince Akhilesh Yadav added during the election campaign, “4% in the quota of 27% effectively comes to 1% only. If we come to power, we will keep a quota of 18%.”

You Vote for my Wife
I will get you Reservation
If this was not enough  Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid  in Farrukhabad  promised that the Congress party would provide nine percent sub-quota for backward Muslims if it was voted to power in the coming Uttar Pradesh assembly election. He was campaigning for his wife Louise. Khurshid said the Congress would provide nine percent reservation for backward Muslims within the existing OBC quota in UP in the event of its forming the government in the state.  He said more than eight castes such as Mansoori and Qureshi would benefit from such a move.

To defend its  move Congress leaders claim their party  in its manifesto for the 2009 Lok Sabha elections had promised to give reservation to backward Muslims and implement the Sachar Committee report and the Rangnath Mishra Committee report on minorities. But the question remains that why they remember only at the time of the elections.

The Congress feels that this move would consolidate Muslim voters in the state, which helped Congress win 22 seats in 2009 Lok Sabha elections. The party has fielded a sizable number of Muslim candidates in this election and is hoping to score big by bringing together the votes of muslims, extremely backward castes, non-Jatav Dalits and upper castes.

Reservation is the same pandora box which  V.P. Singh had opened in 1988 just to ignite fire of caste politics in the country. However, the election there after pushed him behind the curtains for ever. But the cracks in the society are still paining.

Five years ago also tried to burn its fingers. But its leadership today can not think of any constructive agenda so is back to the old tricks. Nation always comes after the power. Whatever be the outcome of these elections  country will see lots of curfew days later this year.

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