Monday, November 26, 2007

Habits die hard

In olden days grand parents used to tell bed time stories to children instead of watching television serial. These stories carried some moral values, some learning and some dreams to build the future ambitions. These bed time stories were playing major role in building character of the person as he or she grew later.
Same is applicable on the professional life of a person, it is the training and handling of the person in their early part of the career which moulds them to creat a leader or a follower. The habits of resposibilty, discipline and sicereity is groomed in a person by the initial mentor at the work place. Following story tells us how strong is the effect of the habits.
An old man lived in a certain part of London, and he would wake up every morning and go to the subway. He would get the train right to Central London, and then sit at the street corner and beg. He would do this every single day of his life. He sat at the same street corner and begged for almost 20 years.
His house was filthy, and a stench came out of the house and it smelled horribly. The neighbors could not stand the smell anymore, so they summoned the police officers to clear the place. The officers knocked down the door and cleaned the house. There were small bags of money all over the house that he had collected over the years.
The police counted the money, and they soon realized that the old man was a millionaire. They waited outside his house in anticipation to share the good news with him. When he arrived home that evening, he was met by one the officers who told him that there was no need for him to beg any more as he was a rich man now, a millionaire.
He said nothing at all; he went into his house and locked the door. The next morning he woke up as usual, went to the subway, got into the train, and sat at the street corner and continued to beg.
Obviously, this old man had no great plans, dreams or anything significant for his life. The habit of begging in him was so deep rooted that the wealth generated could not distract him. Had some one guided him in the early days on how to meaningfully invest and use money he might have grown as an investment guru or a finance company director.
He remained focussed to what he had learnt and was enjoying the same. It might have been a bad work from our point of view. But we learn a lesson develop a hibit in the team mates, let them enjoy it rest comes on its own. As a trainer be commited to develop right habits. All credit or discredit in success or failure of a person should be given to the person under whom a professional starts his career and idenfies its role model.
It is not important what people would achieve, important is how they get satisfied. Money ofcourse, is not everything in the life. Not even for a begger.

Quote of the Week :

Leadership is not about the size of your office or title on your business card, its about the depth of your commitment & your passion to get things done.

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Kamalen said...

Manven has again put a deep thought in a very simple way,Simply Great. Keep writting with such excellency