Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Who knocked at the door?

One day in the office all were tense and unhappy. This was the day when yearly increments were announced based on the performance appraisals of the previous year. Some were sad because after the hard work all 365 days management did not reward them. There were those who were given handsome rise and yet they were unhappy as the announcement was far below their expectation. Some of these decided to put up their papers next day. Atmosphere was heavy all over. Every body was busy cursing the non professionalism of the management, but hardly any one was willing to analyze their attitude. This cycle of action and reaction can be traced all over the world since ages.

There was a farmer in Africa who was happy and content. He was happy because he was content. He was content because he was happy. One day a wise man came to him and told him about the glory of diamonds and the power that goes along with them. The wise man said, "If you had a diamond the size of your thumb, you could have your own city.

If you had a diamond the size of your fist, you could probably own your own country." And then he went away. That night the farmer couldn't sleep. He was unhappy and he was discontent. He was unhappy because he was discontent and discontent because he was unhappy.
The next morning he made arrangements to sell off his farm, took care of his family and went in search of diamonds. He looked all over Africa and couldn't find any. He looked all through Europe and couldn't find any. When he got to Spain, he was emotionally, physically and financially broke. He got so disheartened that he threw himself into the Barcelona River and committed suicide.
Back home, the person who had bought his farm was watering the camels at a stream that ran through the farm. Across the stream, the rays of the morning sun hit a stone and made it sparkle like a rainbow. He thought it would look good on the mantle piece. He picked up the stone and put it in the living room.
That afternoon the wise man came and saw the stone sparkling. He asked, "Is Hafiz back?" The new owner said, "No, why do you ask?" The wise man said, "Because that is a diamond. I recognize one when I see one." The man said, no, that's just a stone I picked up from the stream. Come, I'll show you.
There are many more." They went and picked some samples and sent them for analysis. Sure enough, the stones were diamonds. They found that the farm was indeed covered with acres and acres of diamonds.*
We always find a wise man pointing us a greener grass on the other side. They influence our attitude and we get confused in identifying whether the sound is of an opportunity knocking our door or some miscreant causing a noise. We run away from the scene leaving behind acres of diamonds. Opportunity is always under our feet. We don't have to go anywhere. All we need to do is recognize it, act on it and not get sailed by some over wise person.
Professionalism needs consistent efforts to excel. Rewards come on its own they should not be set as benchmark of performance. Accept responsibilities with the right attitude, you need not to go any where diamonds are right under your feet.

"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way." -- Booker T.Washington

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