Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Both Anna and Rahul Gandhi Lost in number Game.

Losers of the Debate

A landmark bill for creation of Lokpal was passed by voice vote in  the Lok Sabha on 27th Dec. However, in the number game the government failed to get through its two constitution amendments. This included the government’s proposal to make Lokpal constitutional body as proposed by Rahul Gandhi in August.

The stretched hour debate which lasted for 10 long hours ended with the struggle of numbers for both sides of benches. Due to walk out staged by BSP, SP and RJD  a number of amendments moved by Opposition, including corporate, media and NGOs receiving donations, were defeated.

The behaviour and words of politicians never match. During debate SP, RJD and BSP charged government with tabling a weak bill and urged to withdraw. However, at the critical moment of division of votes moved out and helped the government to get the bill passed against the NDA allies only casting votes against the bill.
"We had demanded a strong lokpal. It is not strong. It is sarkari lokpal. There is no meaning to it. It was brought in a hurry and under Anna Hazare's pressure," SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav told reporters. But the silly excuse of not voting against the bill, "We don't want to support BJP."

BSP MPs walked out of the House in protest against the government's refusal to accept their demand of bringing the CBI under lokpal. Both SP and BSP want to keep the option open to form post poll alliance with congress in UP after march results.

Speakers of BJP and the leader of opposition in Loksabha SushmaSwaraj criticised the government for introducing the religion based reservation. She said it would "sow the seeds of second partition" She called the provision for religion-based reservation as  "patently unconstitutional".

The Leader of the Opposition also raised objections to several issues including creation of Lokayukta through the lokpal bill and the process of appointment and removal of the ombudsman and demanded inclusion of CBI under its ambit, saying she had moved amendments on these counts, but all of them got defeated on the floor.

Under the pressure of UPA constituents Trinamool and DMK, government had made amendments for setting up Lokayuktas through Lokpal. With the amendment  a notification would not be issue without the consent of state governments.

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