Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Can Anna again create ripples?

Anna Hazare surprised every one by calling off the fast on the day following Loksabha passed Lokpal bill. He also postponed his campaign to fill jails which was to begin from Friday. To support his call more than 1.35 lakh volunteers had got registered. 74-year-old activist gave no reason for the abrupt decisions.

MMRDA Ground on Second Day
The only guess can be poor public response to the three-day fast which he had began in MMRDA ground of Mumbai on Wednesday. On the second day the venue wore a deserted look with only security personnel, journalists and a handful of Team Anna activists in attendance. In other cities also like Delhi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad the craze was missing which was seen in August.

One of the reasons given is the extreme chilling weather and other is the year end vacations. Though both these factors have contributed but there are other factors as well. The biggest is lack of surprise element. This time schedule was pre-planned restricted for three days. In August it was for indefinite period. More over many are unable to understand when the government has tabled the bill then why team Anna is opposing it. “Lack of understanding between the demand and the bill passed. Media failed to educate people.”

Some of the allegations levelled against core team members – Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan has also weakened their credibility. There have been news of cracks within the team and they were visible this time and resulted  in lack of co-ordination and participation by crowd puller celebrities. The efforts were not concentrated but were clearly disintegrated. A certain section of the media has remained engaged in establishing the links of Anna with RSS. If this link is proved, he becomes untouchable. Atleast all pseudo - secular personalities remained away.

Anna’s all hopes will now be on the Rajyasabha, where UPA has uncomfortable strength. But this is subject to Left and BJP joining hands. Left does so only as per their convenience and not under any ideology. This time around relations of TMC with Congress are strained so Left might move closure to Congress and change the game.

So, what can Anna do? Campaign against UPA in assembly elections. This is what he expressed in Mumbai after ending the fast. Hazare said,"I have no power, no money, yet people come. You will see at the time of elections how people rise to the occasion."

He said an atmosphere had been created in the entire country in favour of the proposed Jail Bharo campaign and added that the time will come after its fete in the upper house," What will happen in Rajya Sabha, we don't know. So, the time for it ( jail bharo) has not come."

Will his anti Congress campaign create any waves? Looks doubtful. He is against Congress but wants to maintain a distance with BJP so his team will not ask to vote for BJP. Samajvadi Party and BSP indirectly helped government by staging walk out. Left has no ground in the states going for the poll. So, the best strategy for Anna is to go in hibernation for some time.

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