Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Split Averted in BJP

At last BJP president Nitin Gadkari  has rolled back his decision of reinstalling  Modi's bete noire Sanjay Joshi.   This decision of Gadkari had costed  a heavy price in UP election earlier in February.  Sanjay Joshi’s resignation from the party’s national executive  has confirmed that  BJP  needs  Narendra Modi, the inverse may not be true.
Sanjay Joshi - a scape goat
This small sacrifice is a move to counter a bigger probable move of vertical split in BJP.  The pillars in  four states have been showing their dissident mood continuously from November onwards. That was the time when Gadkari took decision to make Sanjay Joshi incharge of UP elections. Sanjay Joshi has a good reputation of organising capability amongst a certain sect within the  party.  But Khanduri in  Uttaranchal, Vijayaraje Scindhia in Rajasthan and  B.S. Yeddyurappa in Karnataka for different reasons had expressed their resentment against central leadership openly.

On surface the reasons given were different but  their followers had started pushing  these four to get together and  form a separate alliance. These four leaders command over more than two third of electoral base of the party.

Yeddyurappa’s statement before the meet was significant. He told reporters in Bangaluru , "The national executive should deliberate on the issues rocking Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan and promote Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate,". He also  added, "Modi is popular because he has done great work in Gujarat and made the state number one in the country".
He  had  posed a serious crisis a few days ago by threatening the resignation of 70 MLAs from the party.  Unlike other leaders  in BJP Gadkari is proactive administrator, he could sense the danger ahead in the next tenure of his president ship, if no quick decision is taken.  Both Modi and Yeddy  had sent the strong signals.

Gadkari’s request  to rescue was accepted by Nagpur and Sanjay Joshi was asked to tender the resignation.  Displeased Sanjay Joshi accepted the  demand, but did not forget to mention that he was resigning from the National Executive Committee under pressure from top leaders like Narendra Modi.

Will this decision give a peace to Gadkari for next two years  or would catapult new problems? Only time will tell atleast for time being he can get extended bytes of media.

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