Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Might Just Happen Anytime Anywhere in our Great India

When India is celebrating 60th anniversary of  Parliament and debate on TV Channel is going on the state of country, I recieved an email from one of my friend who is worried about the security concern like all other Indian Citizens.  This is the price we are paying for uncommitted democracy.

Welcome to the Bomb explosion helpline of Home Department, Government of India.

Press 1 for latest bomb explosions

Press 2 to hear Home Minister’s pre-recorded reaction.

Press 3 to hear Prime Minister’s pre-recorded claims to condemn it and assurance to take strong action against culprits.

Press 4 to know whether anybody claimed responsibility for the explosion.

Press 5 to hear pre-recorded claim of Digvijay Singh blaming RSS for explosions.

Press 6 to know whether any innocent terrorist has been arrested by mistake.

Press 7 to know about death toll (press1 for govt version, press 2 for News Channel version, Press 3 for correct version).

Press 8 if you want to know Rahul Gandhi's comparison on blasts in India vis-a-vis blasts in Pakistan.

Press 9 if your relative has died in the explosion and you want to hear Gandhiji’s bhajan.

Press 0 if you wish to participate in opinion poll

(Question : Who is responsible for these blasts, options are
a) Not SIMI        b) Not IM         c) Definetly RSS.
SMS your answer to 1234.

Charges are Rs 6 for Gen category, Rs 3 for SC/ST, Rs 2 for Kashmiri Immigrants, Free for Religious Minorities, Rs 5.99 for freedom fighters and War Heroes.

Thank you for calling. God Bless all those who are still alive!

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