Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Year plan to Gift Apple Mini iPad in festival season.

The year Apple can surprise its fans with a mini version of the iPad. By doing so Apple will enter into a mass segment in contrast to its niche image and challenge the Google and Samsung’s offerings in the market.
Sibling is Coming

Mini version will have a display area almost half of the present versions of iPad which measures 9.5 x 7.3-inches. The mini tablet version is expected to have a 7.85 x 5.3-inch dimension. Thickness may remain same close to 7.3 mm or 7.4 mm. The sleek and small size is being planned so that it may remain in hands for a longer period.

The current connector of 30 pins may go out replaced by a 19 pin dock connector, but retain all the bells and whistles of the popular bigger pad sibling.

The market experts are guessing on the type of display. Whether here also Apple will first launch with a so-so 1024 x 768 display and later advances a Retina display in high priced niche models, or begin with a bang by launching straight to Retina display.

Ultimate test of mass marketing will be at the price end. If Apple can match its new little gadget close to the 16GB Nexus 7’s $250 price tag, then the brand loyalty will make it a clear winner in this segment. Apple name has its own advantage.

Last is the timing of the launch, before the release of iPhone – 5 in October or after that. These siblings will also have some competition. They are likely to complement each other and jointly will eat away the market share Apple’s competitors.

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