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Who is pulling Anna Hazare down?

The poor show of people turn around at Jantar Mantar  until Anna Hazare himself started  the fast  has raised many questions in the minds of people. Have people of the nation lost hopes from their fight against the corruption? or has Anna Hazare lost his charisma?
Is he saying, "Stay away its Secular means no Hindus?"

Answer to both these questions can be negative, but there are lots of learning lessons for the Anna Hazare and people around him.  Most important of them is to build a team. Anna has a group of people around him and not a team.  The word used by media frequently – “Team Anna” is inappropriate. Team works in cohesion towards a goal.  Here, both focus on goal and cohesiveness are missing.  The result  of this can be that  the round four of agitation will not have dramatic impact it had last year during monsoon session of parliament.

The  groups within have their own agenda to push, as it looks.  Anna is a staunch follower of Gandhi, probably with no personal agenda and selfish interest. That is his USP  but he has failed to prove himself to be a leader.  He has failed to direct the steam of the agitation to vent in the direction of focussing corruption.  Result is, people around  him keep on making statement suiting to their ideology or belief. Congress has one Digvijay Singh, Anna Hazare has  many surrounding him. This can be understood from following incidents.

Some of the  protestors  wrote “chor” (thief) on the wall outside the Prime Minister’s residence.  Delhi police  issued warning to Kumar Vishwas, a core team member. Anna apologised for the defacement saying, “That is not right. Use of such words against the Prime Minister lowers the level of discourse. I apologise for it,”.

Anna had to regret for the words of  its most vocal team member Arvind Kejriwal  who in a press conference before the start of the agitation declared, "Pranab Mukherjee is also among the 15 corrupt ministers. It's unfortunate he will become the President tomorrow."  This was in  disagreement with Hazare’s view that Pranab Mukherjee should not be targeted now that he is the President.

Team Anna member Sanjay Singh  attacked the yoga guru on sharing dais with the Gujarat Chief Minister, “We have never been in agreement with Narendra Modi and never can be. Modi is a murderer of humanity. Ramdev should clarify his position on this.”  Just two days ago Anna and his team welcomed Ramdev on their stage and had given poses to media clippings. Anna Hazare  has praised Modi and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar in the past, saying their work should be emulated by other state governments. 

This is a well known fact that Kejriwal  is very cautious  to retain his identity of “Secular”  as per standards of the Leftists and popular news editors.  But he has  no reservation to seek favour of BJP leaders to get infrastructure and support in parliament to his cause.  Like all communists and Samajvadis  he went to Hisar to campaign against Congress , but when he was asked that, “does he support NDA  candidate”, he was in denial mode.  His logics prove that BSP and SP leaders are less corrupt than two main national political parties.

Kejriwal and  his group is very vocal in attacking certain ministers of UPA  for corruption and Gujarat Govt for their belief.   They forget that these are elected representatives in the democratic way.  Fight against them in legal way if there are proofs to their allegations. Else, the approach is an insult to preamble of the same constitution which Anna refers very frequently. “We the people …”  does  not mean “ We the group around Anna Hazare..”

The next big reason for Anna’s movement losing its popularity is that Anna’s  group and to certain extent Anna himself have become too arrogantAnna’s  justification  on the slap on Sharad Pawar did not go well with his Gandhian philosophy. This group does not want to follow the democratic way  of reaching to the solution. It simply wants to impose its doctrine.

Last year was the victory of Anna’s  movement  when Loksabha passed  “Lokpal Bill”. It got  stuck up in the upper house.  Had Anna pressed all political parties to reach to a consensus and pass the bill  every body must have hailed the wisdom of the group.

 If the bill lacked some of its provisions Anna’s group  should have made people aware of the lacunas and raised the voice. The support would have been many fold.  The mass behind him could go with a feel of having tasted  success.  The stand that “pass the bill drafted by us only” has converted the last year’s success into failure. Not many people stand with the failed ones. 

This is the  high time that  Anna  and his group does introspection  and take some corrective steps, else they will go into the history soon and will have no role to play in 2014, their ultimate dream.

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