Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Will Goa be Second Time Lucky for Modi?

Goa is likely to be second time lucky for Narendra Modi. He may or may not be declared prime ministerial candidate there, but party worker’s trust on him would be stamped.  Three day BJP national executive meeting will begin on 7th  and at the end of third day L.K. Advani’s dreams of becoming PM of the country one will meet the same fete as were the dream of former Chief Minister of Gujarat Keshubhai’s in the year 2002.

Shivraj and Modi
The mood and support of Goan BJP workers can be judged from their demand to   hold a public meeting even in the rains because they want to hear ‘Modi ji’ speak. They are prepared to come with umbrellas. Their eagerness to hear his vision for party for 2014 gives similar reply party workers gave to Vajpai eleven years ago.

When  last BJP national executive meeting was hosted by Goa in the summer of 2002, there was clamour for Modi’s head both within the party and outside it. Post Godhra riots were the major ” masala”  for 24 x 7 news channels. The meeting however turned the swing in the BJP in Modi’s favour after then prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had no choice but to  back the Gujarat chief minister. Keshbhai who was waiting in wings to be crowned again had to seek VRS.

Modi's name as campaign committee chief may be announced here sidelining the objections of L.K. Advani et al.  Modi’s name for this position was first mooted by Nitin Gadkari towards the
L.K. Advani on the verse of Retirement
end of his tenure as party president.  The claim was strengthened after victory in the Gujarat assembly elections.

However, not to give full credit to Modi and to keep the leadership debate open Advani camp is insisting to have  separate election management committee set up under  different persons to oversee the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Delhi. Modi can head campaign committee for the Lok Sabha election next year.

To garner support of RSS headquarter he praised MP Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and called him a better administrator than Narendra Modi. Shivraj Singh is  a low profile leader close to  RSS leadership.  He is working more under the guidance of Nagpur and enjoys good relationship with VHP. He has pushed the Cow Slaughter Bill in Madhya Pradesh, introduced surya namaskar in schools and encouraged the singing of vande mataram in government offices.

This is an irony that JD(U) and Nitish Kumar also find him more secular than Modi who is in the hit list of VHP, under whose rule many RSS and VHP leaders are put behind the bars and average per capita income of muslim population in Gujarat has grown more than hindu population.

This political riddle can be understood only if we can understand why did UPA government decided to vote against Sri Lanka in United Nations knowing well who killed their known leader Rajiv Gandhi  or if we can explain why responsibility of 1984 anti Sikh riots should not be fixed with the then government in power.

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