Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can Anna fight against Moles to protect his Crusade?

Within one years time Anna Hazare’s  crusade against corruption is losing steam. A movement which raised high hopes amongst the middle class and drew attention of media world over, is now a matter of past.  The team itself has n numbers of crack  and its  working shows lack of mutual trust and respect for each other. This way how long can they persuade for a strong Lokpal bill.

A Loot in Day Light
This does not mean that the level of corruption has come down. There is no need to search one can find it happening every where.  According to TI, 25 % of Indians paid bribe to obtain a service.  If the bribe was paid to get the job, it has to be recovered from the same job.  This indirectly indicates that atleast 25% of the employees are bound to be corrupt.
The worst of the departments are revenue and police  where no one picks up the pen without charging money.  You have lost a bike  so you are tense and under grief. Filing FIR of the lost bike means another expense of not less that Rs 1000 it may even higher, Transparency International estimates that Indian truckers pay something in the neighborhood of $5 billion annually in bribes to keep freight flowing. This any one can watch on any highway in the country.  A loot in daylight.  According to NGHRO daily bribe collection of traffic police from Indian highways is to the tune of Rs 200 Crores ( $40 million).
Do people expect the situation to improve? Answer is no… 90 % of Indians believe that corruption will increase within the next 3 years.  Who can tame the corruption … Police, Judiciary and Government.   Their image itself is detrimental. 68 % believe that governmental efforts to stop the corruption as ineffective. More than 90 % consider police and political parties as the worst corrupt institutions.
NGOs and local politicians are no better than the ruckus of  D gang. All entrepreneurs have to suffer and pay extortion to these elements and still adjust the books of accounts and show it as the miscellaneous  expenses.
Mufti Shamoon Qasmi
“Corruption is a large tax on Indian growth, It delays execution, raises costs and destroys the moral fiber.” says Prof. Rama Murthi.   The most unfortunate part is that those who have  the power to provide solution only confirm the degree of corruption like Rahul Gandhi was quoted by Financial Times, ”Only 5 per cent of development funds reached their intended recipients due to hierarchical corruption in the country”!
But dear prince of the nation  what are you doing to  tame this?  Your party men are busy installing the moles in Anna team. First Swami Agnivesh and now Mufti Shamoon Qasmi.  If you are serious about the remaining 95%  then have guts to expel the corrupt ministers from the government.  Bring a strong Lokpal Bill and let Judiciary function without any pressure from the government.
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